What's New In 8.4

As this will be our last minor release for version 8 we have focused on bugfixes and requests from our users to increase productivity.

Big thanks to @mikaellindemann and @Urreman for their contributions and all of the people who has helped with translating the manager.


  • SelectField for external data source #1186
  • Improve SEO features #1218
  • Add Sitemap model hooks #1231
  • Add helper for generating URL's given the current requests. #1235
  • Add meta-information to Site #1240
  • Automatically add / for content type routes #1245
  • Simplify authentication in the web application #1259
  • Add helper method for filtering the sitemap for the current user #1262


  • Make last opened folder in media-picker filter sensitive #1248
  • Expand new list-region items if collapsible #1249
  • Add information text on empty archives #1253
  • Add icon in sitemap to visualize authenticated pages #1266


  • Region ListExpand should be false by default #1232
  • Post routing for sites with a prefix not working properly #1234
  • Use Request Hostname as Host if the current site has no host specified #1239
  • GenericBlock not updating item title in the manager #1246
  • StringField and SelectField not updating item title in manager #1247
  • WebApi permissions should be internal #1255
  • IntegratedMiddleware throws when Piranha is hosted in a Virtual Directory #1273
  • Media Manager thumb error with no ImageProcessor #1288
  • Cannot add Video Block #1292
  • Module icons causes mixed content errors #1304

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